A Gift as Unique as She Is

Don’t bore mom with yet another brunch, bouquet or basket. Give her the gift of Bawdy Positive Burlesque! It’s a fun, sexy, unique gift that recognizes that YOUR mom is a vibrant wild woman (or can be!).


Purchase for Mother’s Day, and schedule for any time!

Mother’s Day Specials:

  • #BeBawdy: Two-hour private lesson for you and mom, just $225 (reg $300)

  • BEST DEAL! #LoveYourBawdy: Two-hour private lesson for you and mom for just $200 when you buy two tickets to “Love, Your Bawdy” May 11 at Creative Alliance (reg $300**)

  • #MominMotion: Two-hour private lesson just for mom $125 (reg $150)

All packages come with custom gift certificate. Larger group lessons available, too! Split costs with your siblings (but you should totally take credit for this fantastic, fun idea!) 

  • #BeBawdy Two-hour private lesson: We teach you and mom a fun, easy, sexy burlesque routine with bumps and grinds, shimmies and shakes—in the privacy of your home! We’ll bring gloves and boas, you and mom bring the attitudes! *

  • #LoveYourBawdy Tickets to the show and two-hour private lesson: Inspire mom at the “Love, Your Bawdy” a burlesque showcase of REAL PEOPLE! Then surprise her with a certificate for your two-hour class! (See description above) */**

  • #MominMotion A two-hour private lesson, just for mom! See #BeBawdy description *

For all packages: Payment must be received by May 12. Scheduling of date/time for lesson can occur after. Must be used by November 30, 2018. A detailed contract will be provided upon payment for review and approval, including scheduling options. (We’re happy to work with you and mom to find the best time!)

*Additional mileage fee may apply >25 miles outside of Columbia, MD. You can keep the boa(s) and gloves for an added $25 per set (one boa, one pair of gloves).

**Purchase your show tickets directly through Creative Alliance and share your confirmation number when registering for the lesson to receive discount. Discount applies to lesson fee; ticket purchase is not discounted.

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