The Avenue Meets The Strip: Burlesque After the Fest 

It started with Toilet Bowl Races and ended with a parade! Bawdy Shop Burlesque was proud to be part of HampdenFest and to present an indoor/outdoor burlesque and variety extravaganza!

With an outdoor stage dedicated to variety and sideshow, an indoor stage at Gallery 788 featuring adults-only burlesque, and a big ol’ sparkly after-hours parade from the Gallery down The Avenue to Corner Restaurant and Charcuterie Bar, The Avenue Meets the Strip was an event like no other!

The shows featured burlesque, sideshow and variety from with your favorite performers from in and around Charm City, including:


  • Bawdy Shop Burlesque (obvs!)

  • Bagoas: Award-winning tribal fusion belly dance 

  • Hot and Bothered: Baltimore's baggy-pants neovaudeville duo

  • Hot Todd Lincoln

  • Jim Dandy Sideshow

  • Nona Narcisse from Gilded Lily Burlesque

  • Tapitha Kix

  • Dance Afire!

  • Betty O'Hellno, Jules V. Moorhead & Lizzy Falltrades from TimelessTease


Thank you to everyone who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you again!


Thanks again to our sponsors! Please be sure to patronize these great local businesses!