Forget pomp and circumstance, it's time for bump and grind! Bawdy Shop Burlesque and The Creative Alliance were proud to present the glittery graduates of Bawdy Building: Burlesque & Beyond in a one-of-kind, full frontal graduation ceremony and showcase: MAGNA CUM BAWDY!

Charm City’s newest crop of classic and cutting-edge cuties, cut-ups and cads puts their noses to the rhinestone for weeks and gave a HELL of a show, shimmying, shining and sparkling on stage!


These ass-tute students showed what they’ve learned about poise, confidence, boldness, empowerment and oomph! Plus, Bawdy faculty members Cherie Nuit, Kay Sera, Ruby Rockafella and Sunny Sighed recreated their own debut performances! With all that and a big ol’ group number announcing the graduates, the full house sure wasn't mortar-bored!

Performances by the Class of 2016: