Bawdy Shop Burlesque invites YOU

to Be Bawdy! 

Five Classes: Saturdays, March 31 – May 5 (no class 4/28), 11am – 1pm at The Creative Alliance, Baltimore

Cost $225/$250 (CA member/non-member) for full session

Be your most audacious, bold, confident and authentic self! Burlesque builds self-assurance and empowers you to EMBAWDY glamour, poise, purpose and oomph—whether on-stage, in the bedroom, or in the boardroom!

Forget the rules. You were made for this. BAWDY POSITIVE Burlesque!

Presented by Bawdy Shop Burlesque, Bawdy Positivity invites you to take up space and take the stage. Have fun with the fundamentals of burlesque, from bump and grind to glove peels, from character to costumes, from false eyelashes to real curves, you will be ready!

Our program concludes with a class showcase: LOVE, YOUR BAWDY, starring YOU, live on-stage at The Creative Alliance! (*Students are not required to perform in the showcase—you do you!)

Classes are open to participants at all levels, from burly-curious to pro. All adult ages and gender identifications are welcomed. Venue is accessible to persons with disabilities.


Not sure if you're ready? Check out these student testimonials and BmoreArt review!



March 31st: Keeping the Risk in Risque--or "Being Bawdy"

We show you how to take the inner POWer of you and build that Bawdy Positivity using the classic sass of burlesque’s heyday. You’ll learn the stroll, the shimmy, the glove peel, and of course, the bump and grind! We’ll discuss some of the history behind these moves and get you up on your feet with a simple routine you can build on as the classes progress—or just show off to that special someone!

April 7th: The C-Words: Character Creation and Craft

Positivity isn’t just about how you use your bawdy, it’s about how you use your brain. Using traditional acting methods, you’ll find new ways to examine, inform, build, drive and refine not just your stage performance but your street self as well! You’ll combine poise, confidence, presence and intention to decide how to show what you want to show when you want to show it, and the best ways to share with your audience—whether it’s one person or one hundred—the sparkle and shine of your character’s persona!


April 14tht: More is More: Looking the Part 

Burlesque is known for its glitz and glamour, and for its “More is more!” mantra. Costuming and make-up help define your character. We'll get hands-on with pastie-making-basics and make-up tips and tricks. From choosing and affixing trim and crystals to thrift-store finds, to the magic and mystery of lip-glitter and false eyelashes, get ready to go show-pony from head to toe!

April 21st: Get Up and Fade Out: The Moves and Sound of Burlesque

Choosing the right song for your act is one step; then the next step, and the one after and the one after are your choreography! We’ll hear from a pro about music selection and editing, and we’ll talk about choreography challenges like stillness and lyrical literalism. Then we’ll get up and dance, learning different ways to hit songs on- and off-beat. From rhythmic basics to time adjustment, from smooth cuts to perfect mash-ups, from chair work to floor work, from you’ll learn how to make your music work for you and your unique moves.


May 5th: ​Putting It Together: Taking It Off! 

Each student will have the opportunity to perform their act on the stage to see, feel and experience how to move, reveal, build and refine choreography and character. This will be an opportunity to get constructive feedback in a safe, supportive environment. We’ll also offer a Bawdy Positivity discussion to talk about breaking down any barriers to full Bawdy empowerment!

Friday, May 11: LOVE, YOUR BAWDY--A Bawdy Positive Burlesque Showcase) 

We’re pleased to offer our students the chance to perform on-stage at The Creative Alliance! All students who participated in the full series (and who wish to be part of the show) will be featured! Your classmates will be right there with you, as will Bawdy Shop Burlesque and the supportive audience at The Creative Alliance! Whether it’s your first time on stage or a step along your burlesque path, you’ll get to have fun and be the living EMBAWDIMENT of BAWDY POSITIVITY!

*Performance in the showcase requires participation in the full series. Full series participants are not required to perform in the showcase—you do you! Students will be paid for their performance in the showcase. 

Classes are subject to change.​

Bawdy Shop Burlesque is also available for private group or one-on-one lessons based on any of the classes outlined in our curriculum


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